Cirium reveals how the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft, is performing

During the Covid-19 pandemic, most Airbus A380 aircraft had been stored. Many of them still have not taken flight again. Aviation analytics firm Cirium has published figures which show how the world’s largest passenger aircraft is currently performing.


  • The number of A380 operated flights is 46% down compared to pre-pandemic – with only 5,271 flights in November 2022 compared to 9,764 in November 2019
  • A380 flights are, however, 125% up this November compared to the same period in 2021 and 1,248% up compared to November 2020, as the jet re-enters service with many airlines
  • Flights on the A380 peaked in August 2019, when 10,843 services operated, and reached their lowest point in June 2020 when only 43 flights operated.

Airlines and Routes:

  • This month, Dubai is expected to see the largest number of A380 flights, with 34% of departures being from the Middle East hub, followed by London Heathrow (11%), Singapore (5%), Bangkok (5%) and Doha (4%)
  • 45 airports are scheduled to have an A380 service this month, which is down from 62 in November 2019
  • Emirates has the largest number of scheduled A380 flights this month, operating 3,644 flights – 69% of global services
  • British Airways is the second largest operator, with 450 flights this month, followed by Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways and Qantas
  • In total, nine airlines have operated commercial A380 flights this year
  • London Heathrow to Dubai is currently the largest A380 route.

Source (with authorisation): Cirium

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